Thank you for visiting! I'm glad you are here. This is an old blgo! I retired this blog 3 years ago but you may still visit and since you do I will update information periodically. My website is www.teresahermesphotography.com and on my splash page you will find a link to my current blog and most recent work. Thank you for your interest! And stopping by :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

This is my old blog, retired years ago. But if you are here I don't want to leave you hanging :) You can visit my website's landing page at www.teresahermesphotography.com and check out my work, check out my new blog or visit me on facebook. If you are just stopping by for a few minutes I'll give you a sample of some recent spring sessions.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

2011 in Review (if you are still looking at my retired blog!) :)

I have a new blog that along with my facebook page, features my newer sessions. This blog retired in 2009. HOWEVER :) People still tend to land here so to give you a glimpse at what I've been up to, I attached a few highlights below. Now please - after this, head to my facebook page or current blog/website :) www.teresahermesphotography.com for more fabulous family, children, newborn, maternity, and baby photography!