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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Natural beauty

I had the opportunity to do some headshots for this gorgeous girl, a gift to her by her loving auntee in preparation for some agency work. She is a natural in front of the camera, don't you think!? Not only is she obviously a stunning beauty on the outside, but just as beautiful on the inside as well. She is such a sweet, smart, and genuine girl and that shines through on her photos - she has the most amazing eyes that draw you right in.

We had so much fun and if you can believe we did all 4 outfit changes in an hour and a half with a friend and a 4 year old cousin in the room too? Amazing! It was so much fun for me and I loved how in between shots and set changes she would play with her little cousin or giggle with her friend and auntie, and then the next minute she'd be flashing her covergirl smile looking like she walked off the cover of the latest tween magazine. So fun!
Thanks again and Good luck!


Kathy said...

Teresa, I love these! Fantistic job. This girl is beautiful, her eyes are just incredible. My favorites are the last two but I like them all!

Joey said...

Love these! It is hard to pick a favorite! Great job!

Anonymous said...

These are amazing photos.... I am biased because I am the loving auntie referred to in your blog, but I was blown away. Thanks for an incredible experience Tree! Sonia

Jodi Vetsch said...

Wow! Amazing shots, Teresa!

Kathy said...

Theresa, can I just say one more time that I think you totally rocked these shots! Beautiful little girl too! Kathy

carmell-hart said...

OMG!! I love these pictures!! I'm her best friend and she looks so pretty!!