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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Celebrating a special milestone

I felt so priveledged to be able to take photos of 'A' in her First Communion dress as she prepares for this special upcoming event. She is every bit as angelic as she appears in these photos - so sweet and beautiful on both the inside and out. She exudes such warmth and compassion it was like my camera had a magnet right on it and was clicking away on it's own!

It was so neat to meet someone at such a young age with so much poise and sense of self, it just made me go 'wow'. I loved how one minute we would be having a rather serious conversation and the next minute she could be so silly and girly, it was so charming! It was a lot of fun and got me excited for the upcoming years with my kids (so often we wish they'd stay so little!)

Thank you so much Miss A, for letting me help document this special time in your life! :)

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