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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mr. Easy

My morning with sweet 'A' and his mom was one of those mornings that I get extra excited about pursuing this photography love of mine. It was pretty much a perfect photo session - how can you go wrong when a face like this arrives in the studio?! On top of being such a cutie he was so laid back and easy - whatever, wherever we wanted to go or put him he was just plain old happy and according to his mom that is his easygoing way. It seems to be the case with all 3rd and subsequent children I meet - they are just so content to go with the flow and generous with their smiles. It sure makes my job a blast! So we had a lot of fun and I tried to just pick a sample of the million photos we took and am so excited for the baby parts collage.

Thanks so much you too, for making my morning such a cheery one! :)

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