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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How fast does a year go!?

It's amazing to me as a parent, how fast the time flies by but I am starting to think that now, from the viewfinder of a camera, it goes by even faster!

It was this time last year I began soliciting friends to let me photograph their children as I worked on building my portfolio for the website I launched in January. This family, was one of my very first 'subjects' and they have continued to entrust me with the photos of darling baby 'G' throughout her first year of life - a big job and I have felt quite honored. :) I have very much enjoyed watching her grow and it wasn't until I looked back at the pictures of her at 2 weeks old did I realize just how much she had grown over the year, pretty amazing.

Thank you so much, Family W, for spending 'oh so much' time with me during the year to document the various stages for all of little G's photos. I have definately learned so much and grown immensely as an artist and truly appreciate your time and trust in allowing me to follow your beautiful daughter's first year of life -it's been a joy.

I will also be using G's photos from newborn through this first year for examples of my milestone program that I hope to launch this summer. Stay tuned....
In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this 'sneak peek' - it's longer than normal and deserves to be, she has been with me for a whole year :) She is a blast and her big brother is such my bud - he deserves just as much kudos for being such a good sport and enjoying some photos along the way too :)

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