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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer fun!

I met up with these two cuties last week on the perfectly hot and sunny summer day - it was the day that made everyone say 'summer is really here!' We ran around Bush Lake Park - an area I need to keep in mind for future photos as it has such a varying landscape, lakes, and of course you'll see - a playground that we saved til the end and got some really fun stuff while they were goofing around.

I had never met these two before our photo shoot and was bummed to learn that jobs will be taking them out of state soon, boo hoo! They were so fun I was looking forward to watching them grow. Can you get over all the dimples?? One of the highlights was a tiny little inchworm (wormy) that big sis found and quickly adopted as her pet, in case you are wondering what the little green guy is on her arm :)

Thanks E family and best wishes on your packing and upcoming move!

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S.Kremer said...

Your new header is very cute:) Your right, their dimples are adorable.