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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Baby A!

This is one of my oldest friends in the world and her new baby! She was visiting this summer from NYC and it was so great to finally meet her little girl. You may recognize her and her belly and husband from some of the maternity photos on my blog from when I visited her at 7 months along. Anyhow, I could hardly get over this beautiful baby girl with her big bright eyes, intense eye contact, and gorgeous head of hair! I hope you guys enjoy a glimpse of the photos from our extenda-session :)

...the doting grandma :)...
i had to include this photo cuz it was the newest thing she had discovered the day before (her hands!) so i was constantly competing for her attention as she stared at them and studied them over. it was soooo darling but it wasn't something we could take away or change, hee hee.come back soon! :)


S.Kremer said...

Oh my....she has to be the cuties little baby I've ever seen:) What a DOLL!

Jodi Vetsch said...

Teresa- you did a FANTASTIC job on these - what a cutie and love the ones of baby and mom close together! Great work!

Carly said...

Nice work! I can't believe the head of hair!