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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The V Family at the Peace Gardens

Here is a quick sneak peek from this fun photoshoot Sunday nite to finish off the weekend of 3 days with 3 beautiful families.

This lovely mommy to 3 is talented photographer that I met earlier this summer at a workshop. We decided to swap family photos this month so that we can actually have some photos ourselves with our own families - what a novelty after spending so much time BEHIND the camera! And it's good to periodically do this to remember what it feels like to prepare for a photo shoot and actually have your photo taken. So I'm looking forward to that.

Anyhow, these kids were so fun and quite familiar with the camera which was fun :)
It was great to finally meet the rest of your wonderful family, I had so much fun!


Connie Abbott said...

I just had a chance to look through your photos--you are amazing, girlfriend. I love your shots....! Man, I can't wait until you get back to the cohort Ihave QUESTIONS! Really these are some of nicest kid and family shots I have seen around.
love ya, Connie

Jodi Vetsch said...

Teresa- I love the shots that you captured at our session - thank you very much! You were so patient and fun! Looking forward to returning the favor.

Gina said...

Awesome, awesome job, as always!! You did a fab job for Jodi and her family!